AABI Incubator of the Year Award 2021

Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) is an international nonprofit association that focuses on building an incubation ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region. Sponsored by AABI, the AABI Incubator of the Year Award, conferred once a year, is designed to promote the development of incubators within the Asia-Pacific region by recognizing incubators with outstanding performance in the past and great potential in the future.


Any AABI Incubator Member is eligible to apply for the Award via AABI online platform, with AABI Association Member from certain country/region holding the final say on a maximum of TWO nominations for the specific country/region. Two final winners of the Award will be selected among all the nominations.

A non-member incubator wishing to be nominated can be accepted as a candidate only if it applies to become an AABI Incubator Member at the same time. (The application & nomination for the Award of a non-member incubator shall be invalid without a supplementary application form for AABI incubator membership.)


Grant: $500 for each of the winners, which will be granted at the AABI Awards Ceremony of this year


A complementary seat will be saved at AABI General Assembly of this year


Publicity and promotion of the winners across all AABI channels will follow with significant recognition and international influence

By August 15, Application by Incubators

For Non-incubator Member, please submit application for AABI Incubator Membership at the same time through: http://www.aabi.info/user/form/incubator/

By August 31, Nomination by AABI Association Members

You are welcome to check the AABI Association Members eligible for nominations on the AABI website or contact the AABI secretariat via email for further information.

By September 30, Evaluation by AABI Judge Committee

All candidates will be carefully assessed based on the following criteria by AABI Judge Committee:

Competence of Board and Management Team

Range of Services

Current Scope

Program Results

Financial Stability

Success Stories

By October 20, Announcement of Winners of AABI Incubator of the Year Award 2021

For any further information, please contact us: aabi_network@163.com.

Please Submit before August 15, 2021

The application form consists of one part collecting basic information of the incubator as well as the other part covering 6 facets of the incubator to match with assessment criteria: A) Competence of Board & Management Team [15 points], B) Range of Services [20 points], C) Current Scope [15 points], D) Program Results [20 points], E) Financial Stability [15 points] and F) Success Stories [15 points].

The information collected in this form may be used for publicity & Promotion of Awards winners or further research on business incubation; hence, applicants are advised to give a non-confidential but cut-to-the-point description to reflect your strength and potentiality and to increase your chance of winning! Upon any event of publicizing specific information, the AABI Secretariat will contact the incubator in advance.

Incubator Profile
Full Name of the Incubator:
Postal Code:
Website (if any):
Founded Year: Main stakeholders of the incubator:
Number of employees: Number of Tenants/Incubatees:
Ownership of the incubator:
Affiliated to:
Name of legal representative: Title of legal representative:
Name of contact person: Title of contact person:
Email of contact person: Tel of contact person:
Incubator Overview
(less than 300 words)
For each of the facets below, please summarize the main features of the proposed incubator in no more than 500 words.
A. Competence of Board and Management Team (15 points)

Describe the qualifications of the board and management team with specific reference to:

  • 1

    Number and affiliations/interests of the board members (academia, business, government, etc.)

  • 2

    Relative autonomy of the board from sponsoring organization and frequency of meetings each year

  • 3

    Names of sub- and advisory- committees to assist the board

  • 4

    Number and designations of management team members

  • 5

    Entrepreneurial experience, if any, of the incubator manager on running a business

  • 6

    Team’s experience in training or consultant services

B. Range of Services and Good Practices (20 points)

Describe the services provided by the incubator to its tenants/incubatees/portfolio companies:

  • 1

    Softlanding program, covering space renting, company registration, etc.

  • 2

    Counseling on business and financial management

  • 3

    Training on business plan preparation, entrepreneurship development, leadership

  • 4

    Networking with university, corporations, industrial players, other service providers

  • 5

    Facilitation in securing funds

  • 6

    Mentoring by the board and other external specialists

  • 7

    Innovative practice, e.g. in-house seed capital fund, pre- & post- incubation, business plan contests, etc.

  • 8

    Service fee and rental arrangements

C. Current Numbers of Clients, Affiliates, and Working Area (15 points)

Indicate key statistics of successful incubation, such as:

  • 1

    Number of graduating clients in the last year, and since the start of incubator

  • 2

    Numbers of present clients and affiliates being served outside the incubator

  • 3

    Anchor tenants/incubatees and their roles

  • 4

    Gross area in sq.m. of the incubator and its leasable area

D. Program Results – No. of Jobs Created, Patents (20 points)

Describe the incubator’s results in relation to its development objectives, especially regarding:

  • 1

    Numbers of jobs created in the incubator and by its tenants/incubatees

  • 2

    Patents taken by its clients, joint-ventures formed

  • 3

    Estimated personal and corporate taxes paid by incubator clients

  • 4

    Evaluation of the incubators' performance by the stakeholders and community.

  • 5

    Challenges that have been overcome to achieve the good results

E. Financial stability – Revenue $ Last Year vs Expenses (15 points)

Provide recent information on the incubator’s finances, such as:

  • 1

    Sources of revenue as well as any external subsidy with the percentage breakdown

  • 2

    Main items of expenditure, incl. depreciation if provided

  • 3

    Prospects of financial self-sustainability, if sustainability is an objective

  • 4

    Innovative ways of increasing revenue, cutting expenses

  • 5

    How was the initial cost of establishing the incubator financed

F. Success Stories – Two Examples of the Incubator’s Supporting (15 points)

Provide two case studies of accomplishments of the incubator, with elaboration on the contribution of the management team /the board during the whole process, for example:

  • 1

    Market entry achieved by a company with the support of the incubator

  • 2

    Venture capital attracted by a company with the support of the incubator

  • 3

    Vertical connections established with the support of the incubator

G. Attachments (if any)
1.Logo of the Incubator(in psd./ai./png.format)
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2.The information in this form is indicative. You may add and upload any supporting materials here, such as incubator brochures, award certificates, space pictures, newsletters to show the strength of your incubator.
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